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Did the washer throw a fit, or maybe just quit running? Your washer needs a repair? If you notice it isn’t functioning as it should, in terms of freezing or in any other sense, let us know and we will promptly attend to your needs. It’s as easy as calling our free of charge number and arranging a meeting that best suits your schedule in order for our team to asses the respective problem.

Feel free to contact  Appliance Repair whenever you encounter any kind of difficulties. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any hour to solve the problem you have come across. We will promptly respond to any solicitation within the San Diego area as well as the surrounding ones, even supplying you with assistance the same day for your satisfaction. Or why not pick up the phone right now and give us a call so we can arrange a meeting that would best suit your schedule. Remember that you are dealing with true professionals whose expertise stretches to all major appliances. Basically, it doesn’t matter what model or brand your appliance in question is, if you have a problem with it, then we are the people most likely to help. But that’s not all, we are also well versed in repairing models that are both gas and electric. On top of all that, our call service is free of charge when we repair your washer, so we can come your home and take care of business. And neither snow nor rain will deter us from our goal. What this means is that we don’t charge extra even if your appointment is at night, Saturdays, Sundays, or even on holidays.

You also can relax knowing that you pay the lowest local fee for washer repairs. So you can rest assured, in the knowledge that we also have the smallest fees for washer repairs in comparison to the competition. This wouldn’t be possible without our policy that guarantees your low-cost protection. So, if you encountered a problem with your washer, why not just give us a call on our free of charge number?

Appliance Repair and Air Conditioning Repair is there to lend you a helping hand and provide you with quality expertise. So what are you waiting for? Any time of the day, 7 days per week, we provide you with the best repair services for washers in San Diego at prices that will blow any competition out of the water. Don’ t take our word for it, just call and find out just how low our prices apply to San Diego residents and neighboring areas.


Don’t forget to write down your name, telephone number and a brief description of the predicament you have encountered with your washer. The minute we get your e-mail, we will reply, instructing you how to go about the issue.

As stated before, we bring you top quality service regarding washer repair to all San Diego inhabitants.

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There is no model or brand we can’t repair when it comes to washers, here in the San Diego area.

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New or old, it doesn’t matter, call us and you won’t regret it. You might say, age is not an issue with us. On top of that, we are equally experienced with gas models as well as electric ones. Just to know that we have any angle covered, we even have replacement parts, no matter the brand. When our truck arrives to your home, you will see it will likely be stacked with everything the job requires.


In the following, we have provided you with useful information about your washer. Thus, you can prolong your appliances usefulness and life, while finding out how to make the most of them and even make an economy with the power company. We strongly urge you to restrain from attempting to fix appliances on your own though for this is a dangerous endeavor that should only be performed by professionals. In order for this to be achieved in a safe and responsible manner, the people who undertake such endeavors receive proper training and appliance repair tools. When it comes to electric and gas appliances, the danger level grows exponentially, especially for those lacking the proper training.

So, don’t hesitate to call any time of the day, 7 days per week in order to obtain professional help.


Be mindful of fabric softener use, and make sure to create a fabric softener mixture with water before you pour it into the machine. If you have a machine with a fabric softener dispenser included, you should pour the fabric softener in the amount as directed and then pour in water on top using a three to one ratio of fabric softener to water.

It is important not to overload the washer. Do not pack clothes into the washer, as this not only gets your clothes less clean but also puts added strain on the motor and transmission and can shorten the life of your machine. You should loosely add clothes to the machine and fill it to just below the top of the agitator axle.

For cleanliness and maintenance you should clean the intake screens about once a month. Locate the screen where the water supply hose meets the machine. This is important because screens can become jammed with sediments and minerals. Make sure the screen is properly installed; if set improperly they could force open an internal valve.

Rubber water supply hoses should be replaced about once every five years, or when they begin to split, crack, or lose flexibility. Take care in removing and installing supply hoses and be mindful not to strip the fragile threads on the intakes. An alternative option to rubber supply hoses are the more expensive braided stainless steel hoses that have double the lifespan of the standard rubber hose. Pinching hose clamps are somewhat unreliable and should be replaced by sturdier and more durable worm driven clamps. Screens, hoses, and clamps can be found at most major hardware and appliance stores.