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March 17, 2017
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March 20, 2017

Service CA Appliance

HVAC Repairs and Commercial Refrigeration in San Diego

Service Appliance Repair is the leader for HVAC services in SD. Our air conditioning repairs and commercial refrigeration can be seen from San Diego. With 10 years of family owned service, we offer HVAC repairs that bring relief through the four seasons of San Diego.

From appliance repairs to restore use of kitchens to plumbing repairs for bathrooms, we are the only call needed for HVAC systems in SD.

We understand heating repair is essential for comfort. Chilly winter mornings in Los Angeles can affect your comfort. This includes heat pumps for fast heating unit repairs. Our fast response and 2 decades of experience makes finding an HVAC contractor easy.

Proper climate control helps you better enjoy living spaces. With our central air conditioning repair, your home or business can be cool during hot summers. New HVAC systems may be practical compared to ongoing ac repairs.

Service CA Appliance. will advise on what is the most affordable alternative. We also offer commercial HVAC service that serves SD area businesses.

Financing is available! Quality service at low cost is our motto. We take pride in helping locals improve their quality of life with affordable HVAC repairs. Central air conditioning and ventilation can be replaced with peace of mind from Service CA Appliance.

Commercial refrigeration is important for food safety. If meats and dairy are not properly chilled, the health of dining guests can be affected. Service CA Appliance. makes it easy to have kitchen appliances installed and building ventilation improved.

Our expertise helps restaurants meets state and local codes. With commercial HVAC repairs also available, we make it convenient to improve workplace comfort. We also feature plumbing repairs for small leaks and bathroom overflows. This versatile approach sets our CA Appliance HVAC services apart.