Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning San Diego is one of the only true air conditioning companies offering the residents of San Diego true 24-hour a day service.


A lot of our competitors advertise that they have 24-hour service but when you call you get and answering service or they just try and put you off until the next day!

Air Conditioning San Diego has actual staff answering the phones around the clock.  When you call Air Conditioning  you can rest assured that you are not going to be talking with someone at an answering service that knows nothing about air conditioning.  Don’t wait until tomorrow for a repair you can get right now!  Stop suffering in a home or office that is too hot or too cold, and call Air Conditioning SD.  We are waiting to answer.

We know that great customer service is rare for companies offering air conditioning and heating sales and service.  That’s why we make it our number one priority!

Our staff is trained to treat each and every customer like they are family. Air Conditioning wants to become your air conditioning company of choice. We will do whatever it takes to prove that we are the very best in service and value. Call us today, as we know you will be able to tell the customer service difference from just our first phone conversation.


This means no matter if you live in San Diego,  Air Conditioning is the company that can get to you first.


We sell and repair almost every HVAC system type, make and model. There is really nothing we can’t get for a customer when it comes to air conditioners and heaters.  Air Conditioning is such a high volume dealer that our manufactures offer us the best possible pricing on all of our systems and parts. We then take that savings and pass them directly onto you the customer.  This means that we are always able to offer our customers the very best prices on all air conditioning systems and repairs. Before you overpay another air conditioning system who buys they parts for a lot more than we do, give us a call and see first hand how much we are able to save you!


On top of getting the best prices in San Diego,  Air Conditioning also holds their service technicians to the highest standards.  Our technicians are constantly trained on the newest air conditioning and heating technology to ensure they are ready to tackle any HVAC issue that one of our clients my be experiencing. Yeah it cost’s us more money to make sure that our technicians are the most educated in the business, but it ultimately saves us money in the long run.

Most air conditioning and heating companies will put a less experienced technician on the road when the call volume starts to go up and they are trying to manage a high volume of business.  When those less experienced technicians take way longer to repair a system, and even worse more often than not they will miss diagnose and fair to repair your system correctly.  This means that the company will have to send another technician out to correct the problem that the first technician failed to recognize.  By having the most experienced and knowledgeable technicians in the industry Air Conditioning  never has to worry about this ever so common issue.


So if you are looking for the best customer service, the lowest prices, true 24-hour a day service, and the most trained technicians in the business you need not look any further than Air Conditioning San Diego.