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There are a lot of companies out there advertising AC Repair service, we are the only one available 24 hours a day!

Air Conditioning San Diego want you to know all of the right questions to ask so you are an educated consumer when it comes to hiring an air conditioning professional.  As a consumer you may assume that you only really care about getting the highest quality AC repair at the lowest price. While getting the highest quality AC repair at the best possible price is important, there are a lot of other factors to consider and inquire about before you hire an air conditioning company to come out to your home or office.

You should ask about the training that the air conditioning repair technicians undergo on a regular basis. Air Conditioners are just like computers having technology that gets better and better every year.  Without the proper training a lot of HVAC technicians can do major damage to a newer more complicated air conditioning system. Air Conditioning is constantly sending their technicians to workshops performed by the manufacturers that we sell and repair.  Our technicians are required to attend these workshops and they are tested regularly on their knowledge. This means that we know without a doubt that we are able to offer the highest quality AC repair San Diego service.

One of the most common things overlooked by customers is asking about the insurance coverage of an air conditioning repair company.  Insurance is expensive and when times get tough on a business, more often than not insurance is the first thing to get eliminated from the budget.  If you hire an AC contractor who does not have proper insurance coverage, and their employee gets hurt or injured on your property, you can be liable to pay for treatment of the technician’s injuries. Be sure to ask and verify the insurance coverage of any contractor you hire to work on your property. Air Conditioning carries more than the minimum coverage required by the state of California.  When you hire for AC repair service you don’t have to worry about having to deal with a workers compensation claim due to a worksite mishap.

In addition to the previous you should also make sure that you know all of your options in regards to repairing or replacing your home or offices air conditioner.  There are a lot of HVAC companies in California that will tell you that you need a new HVAC system when all you need is a basic repair. On the flip side there are a lot of companies that will let you spend thousands of dollars to repair an air conditioner that would have been better off being replaced.  Air Conditioning SD will give you all the pros and cons of repairing and replacing your air conditioning system.  Clearly if you have a newer system it will be in your best interest to repair the system, right?  Well don’t be so sure!  Some of the newer HVAC systems are so much more efficient than systems that are only a few years old, that they can actually pay for themselves in energy savings alone.  If you need AC repair San Diego service, you should call the company that gives you all the facts and lets you decide.  That company is Air Conditioning !  Call us today!

Depending on the time of day that you require AC repair  service there may be a lot of companies that are not able to get out to you in a timely fashion.  Air Conditioning offer true 24-hour AC repair service.  No matter what time of day you call us, we have staff ready and waiting to take your call.  We do not use answering services like 90 of the air conditioning companies do.  When you call Air Conditioning  you talk with a real employee who is knowledgeable about air conditioning. We can then immediately dispatch a technician to remedy your HVAC issue!

We think you should be able to get AC repair  service whenever you need it and not when it is convenient for us to provide it.